Don’t you ever just want a rewind? You know… those moments in life you want to rewind, repeat, repair, or erase. For me, these moments are many.

Shopping with my dad, as a young girl. He worked so hard to provide for our family.

That 1st kiss – it defined 8th grade, boy/girl party, awkward.

High school – maybe I’d actually study?

College – it sure wouldn’t be a trade degree. I’m still young.

Siblings – the funny, good times, are numerous. Always the baby of the family, and many times unknown child.

Marriage – 24 years….

Parents – Always a daddy’s girl, but miss the conversations avoided with my mom.

Children – What a blessing… their 1st cry in the delivery room. Taking those 1st steps. That deep laugh from the gut. Christmas mornings. School memories.  I could go on & on about my children.

Death – loss leaves you feeling totally ‘beat up’… but childlike faith in God’s promises is a certainty. ‘Godwinks’ are a reminder to trust in His promise.

Change – It’s a must. Wish I wouldn’t drag ass at times.

J.O.B. – finally feeling great about having my own business. Thrive on meeting new people.

Running – ready to do it RIGHT. Slow & steady wins the race. Is that how they say that?

Friends – I will no longer provide time for those who can’t find time for me. Harsh, but calling it a resolution.

2014 – A year of making every moment count.