Being a Mom means so much to me… what an incredible blessing. Being a Mom, today…. 5/13/2012.

With Brock – it’s sharing music with him, which includes cranking up the Amp and Bose really, really loud. (of course when his Dad is not home) – teaching him to drive. (and it was painful scary) – listening to him complain about having to work, to put gas in his truck. – talking girls (yes, he needs my ‘take on this’ too). – talking college and careers, and how he wants to go to Cali and “live off the land and play guitar in a bar every night”. – either closing my eyes or holding my nose when entering his slob-kept room. – likes that he wants to tackle some more running. – loved when he looked at me after Sunday’s homily, at St Theresa, and said “wow… that was an intense message” (’cause I got it too). *this message is below.

With Luke – it’s anything outdoors. – that phone call about coming home to throw baseball or go play tennis is awesome. – that his complaints are far and few, about anything. – his excitement about ‘big’ middle school, back at St Amant. – learning that he wants to play sax, like his brother. – that his appetite is stupid huge at times, and he remains 60 lbs. – that he wants his Mom at every event, everything (cherishing that while I can). – wanting to beat his ass as he rolls across the living room on the ottoman, like a super hero, at 11 years old.  11, not two!

With our angel Dru – A pre-Mother’s Day night of bitterness was not totally inappropriate or unexpected about Dru Bug. The Mom’s and daughters in matching outfits, in church actually made me smile…  I just want a list of girl things in this paragraph, that’s all.

I hope they ALWAYS remember my reminders; it’s OK to cry, we have bad days, everyone needs somebody at sometime, hug tight, we need church, don’t be lazy at work or school, girls RULE, Mac N Cheese is perfect for dinner, and Icee runs are the best…. 🙂

* Message in the homily, at St Theresa – GOD LOVES ME; with no fine print at the bottom, no clauses, no stipulations, no contracts or 2 year contestability.  GOD LOVES ME; with my mistakes, with the stuborness, in my Honda Pilot, just the same as the picture perfect girl in her Porsche.  I could go on and on…

Randoms; St Theresa Church will always be special to me. Focus is ON at work. Glad summer has arrived. Time for some scheduled runs and tennis!