It’s my favorite day of the week – Sunday.  A day to sleep in being mass isn’t until 10:30 AM.  A day to dump off a week of worry. A day to actually sit down with Michael and the boys for lunch.  A day to catch up on my dreaded domestic duties.  Gosh, I dread housework.  Give me something to do outside, any day.  A day to squeeze in an extra workout at the gym or extra tennis match.  A day to actually have time to cook something good, while enjoying a couple glasses of wine, all while the Bose plays our favorites.  A day to get my mind “right” on the week ahead.

It’s Michael’s 43rd birthday. He actually hung out with me this morning watching country music video’s and tennis?  On HIS birthday?  Of course, he “ripped” into each artist on CMT’s 20 Greatest Men in country music.  Of course, I believe country music speaks in volume.  Of course, I believe country music has the HOTTEST new artist 🙂  Birthday’s are just another day to him…. I agree some, disagree some.

My precious nephew and niece, Presley and Sami Sheets, walked over to visit.  They do this most weekend’s which works for me.  Presley and I certainly have our little bond. He’s the smartest! Sami Lane certainly touches Michael’s heart.  She is so drama! We are so blessed to be raising kids on the street that we grew up….. quite eventul some days.  It brings back many memories of us four Kerek kids and the three Fontenot kids growing up together, in this small town of Sorrento.  Good people come out of small towns.   Love small town values.  Oh well…. still not sure about this blog. 

Randoms;  Facebook aggravated, are people really being real? and why am I judging (a pet peeeeve) So off track on business goals.  Time to turn up the FOCUS. Brock and Luke’s first week of school was SUCCESS. Yes! Missing Dru Bug terribly.  September has slipped in the back door.