Why oh why do I let “back to school” stress me so much? Could it be the procrastination biting me on the ass.  I mean really? School does start roughly at the same time every year, right?  Is it such a big deal if the boys don’t have new shoes the first day of school? I’m thinking NOT.  Could it be that I despise shopping? Such the buyer,  not the shopper. These people who walk in and out of stores, in and out, only to go back to the original store to purchase – I’m stressing thinking of it.  Online ordering is the ticket.

Brock and Luke make this so dang easy.  Very easy, thank GOSH!  Can’t believe Brock is going into his Junior year of high school.  Go St Amant Gators! (love that he is at my alumni high school).  His schedule looks very scary to me, very. Love his love of the band! Luke going to 5th grade, last year of primary school.  He was intially a little disappointed having to change to the new school, Sorrento Primary.  But after doing open house and the school dedication, I think he will be fine.  My boys are so “go with it”.  I’m so grateful.  Maybe by high school for Luke, Michael will get his East Ascension Spartan.  Big Blue!

Dru Elizabeth would be a high school freshman…. sigh.  Brock and I are just sitting here discussing her in high school.  I’m thinking she would be “in his business” constantly.  Completely in his network of friends, trying to participate in all activities, and running her momma like a fool.  Brock thinks “she would be so cool”.  The first kiss would have happened and I’d want every detail.  Many laughs (and tears) thinking of the “what would she”…..  I know this for sure – her beautiful presence is known each day : )

Randoms; What have I forgotten for school? It’s something. Not ready for the homework grind. Nope. Ready to hear the cannon boom on Friday nights in The Pit. Yes! (what memories)